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"Whenever you find property, if you introduce your Landlord to PlanetRent and we will do your referencing for FREE " Mary-Anne C.E.O

PlanetRent makes moving easier for you:

  • do your referencing from home,
  • e-sign contracts,
  • pay move in monies by card,
  • sort your utilities
  • automatic deposit registration
  • work through move-in-checks
  • trigger welcome & utilities registration

PlanetRent makes living easier for you:

  • photo report repairs,
  • track repairs,
  • check your inventory,
  • see your deposit certificate,
  • see your gas certificate,
  • check photos, floor plan and more


FREE listings, e-referencing, inventories, compliance repairs Learn more



  • It’s FREE to publish properties to our portal
  • cloud storage of marketing assets (photos, floorplans, EPCs),
  • links to publish Properties to major portals (Zoopla & RightMove) with pay as you go billing
  • landlords can enter a letting agents details so they can use marketing assets to let the property whilst the landlord retains control of the process

a compliance dashboard

to know what needs doing when,
  • Property compliance: EPCs, Gas safety, HMO Registrations, PAT testing,
  • Tenant compliance: Passport expiry dates, TDS certificates, Inventories
  • Equipment log: Asset register, reference numbers & contracts
  • Marketing assets log: cloud store all you need to publish properties

a paperless, admin-free professional lettings journey

  • offers on the go, right then at the viewing
  • a 'to do list' to ensure special requests get done,
  • one place to approve/reject all offers (whether direct or via an Agent),
  • a deals tracker and 1 touch button to NUDGE deals through,
  • access to quality referencing, (pay as you go basis OR direct Veri Check billing)
  • ability to take credit card payments for rent & deposits,
  • e-signing of contacts, * pay as you go OR bulk subscription account
  • pre-move in checks,
  • 1st class welcome & utilities process: handbooks, out of hours advice & more
  • TDS registration, * pay as you go OR bulk subscription account
  • Right to rent passport checks,
  • The App triggers when a guarantor is required.

repairs reporting for tenants,

  • photo repairs
  • repairs ratings to track tenant satisfaction

landlord websites

  • Smaller landlords can publish properties to a 4 page website they can rent from us, OR
  • Connect a page of their existing website to the URL we give them for the properties page

For Agents

  • use PlanetRent as a landlord portal: give your landlords a log in to see compliance and track deals

Rent collection

  • We can collect your rent from individual tenants by direct debit and pay it over to you.
  • Tenant makes offer

    Engage tenants by submitting offers at the viewing. It will impress when instantly they receive confirmation (including all the usual 'let as seen' conditions, advice on next steps and move-in monies required). Save time and money, no office required. No mistakes as affordability tests trigger guarantor. Maths is automated.

  • E-notify landlord

    Offers are instantly emailed to both you and all tenants including 'special requests' such as 'paint the living room', These special requests post to a "to do" list, so they don't get forgotten and get signed off before the move in.

  • Offer is accepted

    Offers can be accepted, or rejected. Either way audit trail (date and time of the phone call or email are easily added.

  • References requested

    PlanetRent builds up each tenants profile including passports, visa checks and other ID. E-referencing enables each tenant and guarantor to do their references from home when they have documents to hand.

  • References accepted

    Reference results are emailed to you and/or the tenants. Approval audit trail is captured, it is easy to photo/upload documents so you have proof of compliance with copy of password and identity checks.

  • Prepare Contracts

    Preparing contracts is easy; most of the data has already been captured. There's no maths to do as rents, rent share per tenant, apportioned rent and deposits are auto calculated. Contract errors are eliminated and during set up we can integrate your tenancy agreement and branding.

  • All parties e-sign

    PlanetRent generates contacts easily and accurately. E-signing triggers tenant(s) and guarantor(s) to sign first. Once all have signed a PDF copy automatically emails to all, no admin for you.

  • Signing triggers issue keys #

    Giving possession of a property is a big thing, so after you e-signs the contracts. PlanetRentgenerates an authority to issue keys number. This gives you audit trail to make sure keys are not issued without consent.

  • Move-in checks

    The quality of your move in process defines your professionalism as a Landlord. So PlanetRent takes care of all this for you:

    • If you are using our 'Quick Inventory' product meter readings and a copy of the report will auto upload. If not you can enter this manually and upload the inventory report,
    • Deposit and initial rents can be paid by card or upload a bank statement to prove receipt,
    • Keys to be handed over can be photographed,
    • if you are a TDS user then deposits are auto registered and the registration certificate auto uploaded, otherwise you can enter the registration number manually and upload your certificate.
  • Move-in monies

    PlanetRent provides for bank transfers and card payments and puts the money in your bank. Tenants don't need to worry about merchants fees, or anything else for that matter.


PlanetRent provides a professional letting journey and get rid of the admin.


  • take offers at the viewing
  • do referencing at home
  • e-signing contracts is easy
  • pay move in money by card or bank transfer,
  • automatic deposit registration
  • work through move-in-checks
  • trigger welcome & utilities registration

The professionalism will impress your tenants.

Included: Your own contract for e-signing

Included: FREE PlanetRent marketing for life

Included: Landlords in your erea can allocate properties to you to rent & manage - you get 100% of the fee

Included: Right to rent passport checks

Included: Low income guarntor check